Lose weight by dancing

Lose weight by dancing

Have you ever found yourself saying “If only I could do that” when watching a professional dancer floating effortlessly, seeming to defy the very laws of physics. If this sounds familiar you may want to consider weight loss by dancing. In order to pull off these amazing feats all dancers have to be in top physical condition. It goes without saying it took a lot of hard work to get to where they are today, but what drove them was the fact that dancing is a lot of fun. Those are two ingredients that go well in any great weight loss plan.

There are really two reasons I can think of that people may be apprehensive to try weight loss by dancing. If you are overweight, you may be self conscious and not want to dance in front of other people, especially if you are new to it. A second reason is related to the first: a person may just think they are a really bad dancer and would not want to embarrass themselves. It’s important to not let this stop you from finding a fitness class that focuses on dance, there is no reason to feel embarrassed.

With music having such a wide variety of styles, you can be sure that there is a number of dance classes that would pique your interest. Whether you are looking to serve up the latest hip hop dance moves, float gracefully across the floor with a ballroom dancing partner, or let loose with a belly dancing class, they are all great ways to achieve weight loss by dancing.

Of course, if you can’t overcome your fears of dancing in public, there are always other ways you can do this. There are countless fitness and dance instructors who have developed routines specifically for the home. You’ll be able to really let loose and dance to your heart’s content, all the while burning calories and shedding that weight. Another method that has been very effective in helping people lose weight by dancing is videogames for the different home consoles. Although it would be expensive to choose this option if you do not already own a home console, for some people it is the ideal choice.

These types of dancing games work by scrolling arrows vertically across the screen. When the arrows reach a certain point the player must step on the corresponding pad in time with the music. These are perfect for any skill level since the easy levels provide a slow and steady work out, while the hard levels can test the limits of any dancer’s stamina. By rating your performance, this creates competition against yourself which drives you to keep going and helps the calories keep burning.

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The biggest complaint I hear from people trying to lose weight is that after a while they lose interest and don’t have time anymore. Working out in the gym will help you get in shape, but the repetitive boring exercises will soon wear on you. When you choose to go about weight loss by dancing you’ll never find yourself bored again.