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in case anyone were tempted to think humanism is a low key “live and let live” philosophy, and that secularism is the result of a simple absence of sustained faith, Brother Ivo thought he should share an image which is being sent around the internet by a militant group called the Global Secular Humanist Movement.

They invite approval for their campaigning tool which demonstrates breathtaking shallowness; if it were simply insulting to people of faith it would be regrettable. What is sadder still, is that there will be many “liking”, approving, and republishing it, with little analysis of the content, thereby demonstrating their own lack of capacity for critical thought in this area.

Let us look at it in detail.

It purports to ascribe a uniform view of children to “religion”.

There are some many hundreds of religions in the world. There is often little uniformity of doctrine within individual faiths let alone across the board. Brother Ivo has an interest in faith yet even he would struggle to describe what Buddism or Shintoism might say upon the doctrine of “original sin” which he assumes the secular humanists are attempting to allude to.

Speaking from a Christian standpoint, the image purports to describe the little girl in a manner which Brother Ivo has never heard uttered in a Christian context.

He has frequently heard children described as being made “in the image of God”.

Jeremiah remindes us that God knew this little girl when she was in her mother’s womb, and this “knowing”  was also a loving which led to his decision to redeem her from all that harms her by sending his son.

That son taught that unless we become like this little child, we cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. He also taught that it would be better for anyone harming such a child to have a millstone tied round his/ her neck and being cast into the sea.

It is hard to read this as anything other than a total unconditional love and commitment to such children.

Christians do however hold that somewhere in life, Humankind has a tendency to go awry; one does not have to contemplate history for long,  or read everyday news stories without sensing that people who behave badly grow from children who were once seemingly blameless of wrongdoing.

Today’s headline story of the serial killer Joanna Dennehy, is illustrated by an early photograph of a pretty “innocent” child. The difficulty of reconciling such a child to the brutal actions of the adult was apparent from the earliest times and it is perfectly rational for a narrative which ascribes meaning to life to grapple with this paradox of life.

Brother Ivo invites the Global Secular Humanist Group to re-run its propaganda under the childhood photograph of Ms Dennehy, to see if it plays so well in their cause. To save them time he reproduces it here.


The text seems nowhere near as convincing with this illustration now, does it?

Perhaps there was once a time when she was full of wonder, smart, a great learner, beautiful and with a potential for greatness, but worldly lifestyle choices, not least in relation to drugs and alcohol, plainly took their toll.

Alternatively he offers them an even earlier picture for their propaganda.


This too is of a smart child, a good learner with a particular fascination for science: his name was Josef Mengele. He was the Auschwitz camp doctor responsible for appalling experiments upon children in the name of “science”; he was intelligent refined and popular in his town – a real poster boy for our anti- religion friends.

Brother Ivo’s challenge goes further.

The advocates of science based moral values appear to overlook that before Mengele and his fellow Nazis took their doctrine to its ultimate logic, breaking human beings into their constituent parts- hair, fat, ashes, skin etc- the scientific approach of the eugenics movement  dividing people by logic into higher and lower orders,  and thereafter taught that black people, Jews and those with disability were of lower value than those of their own station in life. It was to them only ” rational”. They rejected the sentimentality of the believer who taught that all God’s children were of equal value in His sight.

The much despised Victorian Church summed it up in an “irrational” little song containing the lines now omitted by the politically correct ” Red and Yellow Black and White, all are precious in His sight, Jesus died for all the children f the world”.

It was the racist Margaret Sanger who founded the American abortion provider Planned Parenthood, fueled by a desire to stop African Americans from reproducing.

It was, of course, a movement which put great store in the scientific doctrine of “survival of the fittest”, a doctrine which our humanist propagandist appear to have forgotten in their keenness to suggest that ” science” propels all children to “potential greatness”. They similarly neglect to remind us that “scientific” IQ testing does not support the notion of universal merit, potential or success either.

All this however ignores the greatest argument against their cause based upon their chosen measure -damage to the child – for if our smiling little girl were to have suffered from Downs Syndrome or to have  had parents who wanted a male child, “science” has absolutely no compunction whatsoever in washing her down the abortionist’s sluice.

It doesn’t look so sunny from that perspective either does it?

It appears that our secular propagandists are not only significantly under-informed about religion but also seem to be especially naive when it comes to the history of those who have sought to construct a moral order solely upon a “scientific”basis.

We need to be clear: science plainly has its place in unravelling the mechanics of life and the created order,  but it is less than impressive when it strays beyond that remit, especially when secularists try to construct ethical systems with specious claims of “scientific” moral superiority.

If you should encounter friends approving or re-publishing this highly unscientific propaganda, which neglects evidence on both sides, do give them Brother Ivo’s complements and send them a link with an invitation to think a little deeper.

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